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The Trainers

Grisha Todorov

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Grisha began his athletic training as a young boy and went on to compete professionally in karate and kickboxing. Grisha has won several European and World Championship titles in kickboxing and karate. In addition, Grisha is currently recognized by Billy Blanks as the number 1 TaeBo Instructor in the national instructors' competition (1st place 2005 & 2006). Grisha is certified by the Private Trainers Association (Tom Prince IFBB Pro) and has been a martial arts coach since 1990 and a personal trainer since 1994. Throughout his years as a coach and trainer, Grisha has helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals. Since becoming a certified personal trainer in the US, Grisha has worked with many Hollywood actors, celebrities, and professional athletes, including Vanessa Marano, Rebekah Chaney, Marla Maples, Chris Hayes, Rodney Barnes, and David Wagner.

Letter from NAKO (North American Kyokushin Organization)

On behalf of the Technical Committe of the North American Kyokushin Organization, I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to represent the United States at the upcoming World Kyokushin Karate Union Championship scheduled for January 18, 2004 in Japan.

Your performance at past tournaments and your title as the undisputed lightweight champion in North America has made you eligible to participate in this championship. The United States delegation will depart for New York on Wednesday, January 14, 2004 and return to the United States on January 20, 2004. While in Japan, the United States delegation will stay at Hotel Numazu Castle. The Karate Championship Committee will pay for all your expenses related to air travel, accommodations and meals during your stay in Japan.

Further details pertaining to the above will be forthcoming as the dates approach.

I compliment you on your selection and look forward to seeing you return to the United States victorious in this most challenging of Martial Arts Championship.

Shihan Henri-Oh
Chairman, NAKO

Nancy Futterman

Nancy teaches dance and fitness classes for developmentally delayed teens and adults. She has a teaching credential in special education and a love of fitness.

Maxwell Corrodi

Maxwell Corrodi is a seasoned Personal trainer and passionate fitness instructor. He has been involved in the fitness industry for 10 years. Maxwell has a variety of experience with silver sneakers(senior fitness), fitness boot camps, and post rehabilitation and corrective exercise. Maxwell’s passion for fitness goes all the way back to being a child and enjoying is favorite sport soccer. "I’ve always been interested and curious as to what the body is capable of when trained properly"

Kristen Marsilio

Fitness is a lifelong journey. Kristen has been instructing at G-Way Fitness for 7 years. A runner since high school, Kristen has always been inspired by the start line - a visual representation that fitness knows no limits of age, ability level or experience. There is a way for all to participate, to move. Kristen brings this philosophy and attitude to her boxing and strength training classes at G-Way. The studio embraces and cultivates a supportive fitness community that she is proud to be a part of.

Kristen and her husband Jeff have been married for 18 years and have two sons. They enjoy hiking, running and outdoor play with their boys.

Michael Bash

Mike moves like a well oiled machine. He is inspiring to watch. He welcomes and encourages anyone of any age or skill level to take his Kickboxing class. In Mike's class you exercise muscles that you otherwise never workout. You are moving your body in ways that bring other muscle groups into play. He loves life and he loves helping and inspiring people.

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