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Letter from Grisha Todorov

I am a former World Karate and Kickboxing Champion. I designed the G Way system, which is a unique process that combines physical workouts along with transformational motivation techniques to help radically change your body in a short period of time.

I firmly believe that getting into shape is not just an external process; you have to change your internal thinking too. The G-Way Solution is a complete mind-body workout that builds physical strength, stability and endurance while also improving your mental "muscle" so you have the right mind-set for continued success.

My program focuses on full body conditioning to improve strength endurance and increase performance and speed over long periods of time. My secret is in employing a combination of techniques that I have personally practiced while in training at the elite Sports Academy in Bulgaria, where many top European competitors are turned into Olympic athletes. These techniques are not taught anywhere else in the United States and include a combination of special exercises, psychology, and motivation techniques that quickly transform the human body.

For those that don't have professional goals in mind, I promise improved mental focus, dramatic physical results, and an increase in overall energy. Each fitness program is customized to target your individual problem areas and promises incredible results in the areas that you want.

My personal promise to you:

- To provide a customized fitness program that targets your individual problem areas.

- A program that is fun, motivating, and continually challenging.

- Results you can see and be proud of.

Pricing Plan

Private Training Workout: $100/hr (Lake Balboa Location)

Outside Trainers: $10 floor charge per session (Lake Balboa Location)

Monthly Boxing Training without trainer: $60 (Lake Balboa Location)

Monthly Boxing Training with in-house trainer: $25 (Lake Balboa Location)

We offer different prices for a Single Class, 10 Pack of Classes and our Most Popular, Monthly Unlimited. Make Secure Online Payment Below.

Single Class
(for Woodland Hills Location only)

$ 20 /class

  • Price Per Class

Monthly 8 Pack Class
(for Woodland Hills Location only)

$ 130 /pack

  • Pack of Classes

Monthly Unlimited
(for Woodland Hills Location only)

$ 160 /month

  • Price for a Month